Affirm Multiplex

What is the Affirm Multiplex laser?

This is the latest and greatest innovation in the field of non-ablative skin resurfacing. This exciting new technology combines two different wavelengths and uses fractional laser beam to help the skin appear younger, smoother and tighter, while decreasing the downtime of traditional laser resurfacing to a minimum.

What is non-ablative skin resurfacing?

It is rejuvenation by laser without causing the top layers of the skin to peel. In the case of the Affirm, the only after effect is redness, however the skin surface remains intact. This accounts for fast healing with very little downtime.

What is fractional resurfacing?

This is a new development in the field of lasers, a result of looking for providing effective treatments without causing downtime, while decreasing the risk of complications such as scarring and infections. What it means in practical terms is that the laser beam is divided to microbeams, kind of like a sieve. For every laser microspot, there is an adjacent microspot of untreated, normal skin. This normal skin in between the laser microspots is what speeds up the healing after the treatment. This is very different from traditional resurfacing, where the entire skin is lasered off, and regeneration takes longer, with more severe downtime after the treatment. In essence, you get the benefits of resurfacing without the drawbacks.

How does the Affirm make the skin look better?

Similar to Fraxel, the first fractional resurfacing laser that came out years ago, the Affirm Multiplex stimulates the skin to make new collagen. In this way, the Affirm helps smooth out superficial lines and scars in the skin. In fact, one of the greatest benefits of the Affirm is improvement of both depressed and raised scars.

Unlike the Fraxel, the Affirm has a second, simultaneous wavelength released into the skin, which delivers heat to the deeper layers of the dermis, and produces instant contraction of the collagen. This effect is the one responsible for creating tighter, firmer skin, with reduced sagging over time. In practice this means that the Affirm works simultaneously on the upper and deeper skin layers, improving both the surface texture and elasticity of the skin at the same time.

“Dr. Hellman, As my 58th birthday loomed, my neck suddenly became saggy and started to develop the texture of crepe-paper. I decided to take Dr. Hellman’s advise to use a combination of Affirm Multiplex and Refirme ST treatments to tighten the skin and stimulate the growth of collagen. There were noticeable results after the first treatment and the procedure is painless. I am glad I made the decision to proceed – the results and this technology are truly remarkable. -K.D.”

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Before & After Photos

Affirm Multiplex - Before and After Treatment Photos: Female (frontal view)
Affirm Multiplex - Before and After Treatment Photos: Woman (oblique view)

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What type of problems does the Affirm treat?

The Affirm has many indications. As I said above, it helps tighten sagging skin on the face, neck and even body areas including the knees, stomach, upper arms and inner thighs. It also helps smooth out superficial wrinkles, reduce the size of pores, and improve both raised scars (keloids) as well as help fill out depressed acne scars. I often use the Affirm on my acne patients following Pulse Dye Laser treatments for their acne, to even out the surface of the skin from the scarring that remains from the healed cysts.

Is the Affirm safe?

Yes, it is one of the safest fractional technologies around. The combination of two wavelengths means that lower energy levels of each are needed to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. It is also significant that unlike with the Fraxel, no dyes have to be applied to mark the skin prior to treatment. For this reason, the actual treatment also takes less time with the Affirm than with Fraxel. And as we know in Manhattan, when it comes to time, every little bit counts!

Is the treatment painful?

As a result of the combined wavelengths and the reduced energy levels needed, the Affirm is easily tolerated by patients. Many of those whom I treat require no numbing at all, but for the sensitive patients, or for those who are scared to try the treatment “straight up”, I do offer numbing cream. The treatment also utilizes a cooling device with cold air blowing on the skin along the path of the treatment, increasing both comfort and safety.

“Dr. Hellman, I just wanted to let you know that I am starting to see the results from the laser we did last Friday. My skin is starting to seem smoother and healthier. It is the clearest it has been in several months! I think I will start going without makeup which is very exciting for me. Thanks! -L.A.”


QuestionHow much downtime is there after treatments?

AnswerUnlike the Fraxel, which results in significant redness and swelling, the Affirm entails only some sunburn-like redness after the treatment. This lasts between 24-48 hours, after which the skin looks perfectly normal. For this reason, this treatment is very popular among my patients who are in the public eye with little time to hide, yet are in need of a touch of firming and tightening of areas on the face or the neck.

QuestionHow many treatments are needed?

AnswerAlthough for minor problems a series of 3 treatments can be sufficient, anything more substantial such as deeper wrinkles, scars or more pronounced sagging will most likely need 6 treatments. Packages for both 3 and 6 treatments are available. Treatments can be spaced about 4-6 weeks apart, but there is an added benefit. After each treatment, the skin will rev up collagen production for an additional 6 months, thus prolonging the rejuvenation and revitalizing of the skin for a long time.

QuestionCan the Affirm treatment be combined with other treatments?

AnswerYes. Although for some patients the Affirm is all they need, for others, there is a benefit in creating a treatment regimen combining the Affirm with Refirme ST treatments, as well as fillers and BOTOX® & Dysport®. Glycolic peels and/or microdermabrasions are also helpful in facilitating the Affirm treatment and prolonging the effect even further out in the future. Packages for combined modalities are available upon request.

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