Droopy Eyelid Repair

Unfortunately, with the rise of cheap Groupon treatments many patients go to practitioners for a low price and end up with the most common complication of Botox in the wrong hands – droopy eyelids. Since it takes 2 months or longer for the condition to improve by itself, many unhappy patients look for a solution.

The best immediate effect can be achieved by the use of the Refirme ST. This treatment gently heats the skin and causes tightening and lifting of the forehead, restoring the original position of the eyebrow and with it the open and normal look of the eyes. This treatment is of critical help in case of a party, event, wedding and other public appearances, where the drooping eyelid look is not the one desired. In order to accommodate the needs of our patients, we take same day appointments to help out and solve any emergencies resulting from such unhappy treatment after effects. Usually, 1-2 treatments just before the event will provide the right look for all those Page Six photos as well as for the family albums. Since the treatment is painless and has no downtime, it’s really a great option. The best way to schedule the treatment is 2-3 days before the event and if possible, one more time the day before or the day of the event itself.

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