Erbium Yag Laser Peels

What is an Erbium Yag (ErYag) laser peel?

This is a procedure that uses the Er Yag laser to remove the top layers of the skin, in order to stimulate the growth of healthier and better looking skin as a result.

Why is the Er Yag a good choice for this procedure?

The Er Yag is a gentle laser, which doesn’t generate heat while treating the skin. This is very different from CO2 lasers, which generate a lot of heat and therefore cause a significant amount of redness, which at times can last for many months after the CO2 resurfacing.

How much downtime is there after the procedure?

The unique Er Yag that I use (Naturalase LTE) allows to tailor the treatment to the unique needs of each patient. If a person needs only a light treatment, the laser can be set to provide a superficial peel with only 3-4 days of redness and peeling. At times, patients in need of deeper laser peels can opt to have a series of short downtime, lighter peels instead, and avoid the 10-14 days of redness and healing following a deeper laser peel. Ultimately, a series of light laser peels can provide a result comparable to the deeper ones. Using this technology, I am able to suit the laser peel to work well with the social and professional needs of my patients. This approach also takes advantage of the cumulative benefit gained from the more superficial peels, while avoiding the potential complications and risks associated with the deep peels.

I hear about “fractional resurfacing” and Fraxel. Can you explain what this means?

Yes. Fractional resurfacing simply breaks up the laser beam to many tiny micro spots. This way, between these treated spots, there are similar micro spots of untreated skin. Imagine this kind of like a sieve, where the holes are the treated spots, with normal skin in between them. These normal, untreated spots of skin speed up the healing process greatly, providing for the short downtime following the procedure. Fraxel is simply a brand name, belonging to the first generation of lasers to utilize this fractionated technology.

What conditions are treated by laser peels?

The Er Yag laser peel is ideal for repairing skin that has been damaged by acne scars, wrinkles, large pores, and especially dark facial pigmentation from the sun or hormones (melasma). Laser resurfacing is very precise, and using this superb Er Yag laser, can be aimed specifically at the level of the skin corresponding to the problem in question. After the treatment, the skin is smooth, even toned and glowing, resulting in a youthful and bright, healthy look.

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Before & After Photos

Erbium Yag Laser Peels - Before and After Treatment Photos: Female patient (left side, oblique view)
Erbium Yag Laser Peels - Before and After Treatment Photos: Female patient (right side, oblique view)

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QuestionIs the treatment safe for darker skin colors?

AnswerYes, in fact, the Er Yag laser is “color blind”, meaning that darker skin tones are not a contraindication for its use.

QuestionIs the treatment painful?

AnswerThe Er Yag laser peel is very well tolerated by most my patients, using only topical numbing cream. The entire treatment takes only about 30 minutes, and by the 4th day, most of my patients go back to their normal social and work schedule.

QuestionIs it a one time procedure?

AnswerThat depends on the patient and the condition of the skin. I prefer a series of lighter and shorter downtime laser peels to a single deep one. I also incorporate individual Er Yag peels with other treatments, such as the Affirm Multiplex, or with FotoFacial treatments, to provide those procedures with an extra boost if needed.

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