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Dr. Hellman about Tattoo removal

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All tattoos will respond to laser treatment, but some will respond better than others. Certain colors can be removed more easily than others. The number of treatments required to eliminate a tattoo will depend upon the color(s) in the tattoo, the age of the tattoo, whether it was done by a professional or an amateur tattoo artist, and the size of the tattoo. READ MORE

Dr. Hellman about BOTOX and Dysport

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Recently coined "the aspirin of the 2000's", BOTOX® and Dysport® are widely popular treatments for both men and women. Dr. Hellman describes the process as "very little pain but a lof of gain". BOTOX® and Dysport® erase the angry look from frown lines, smooth out the forehead, and crow's feet. READ MORE

Restylane - Before and After

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Restylane is the filler of choice by many patients for smoothing out facial lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. Restylane helps to "fill" in depressions and crevices on the skin surface, restoring the skin to a youthful and smooth appearance. Restylane is also a great choice for creating fuller, sexier lips. READ MORE

Laser hair removal treatment

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Smooth skin is easy to achieve by laser treatments. Dr. Hellman personally treats patients with the gold standard laser for removal of dark hairs. A series of treatments helps stunt hair growth by targeting the hair roots. READ MORE

Laser Acne Treatments

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Dr. Hellman specializes in laser treatment for cystic acne with remarkable success. The Pulse Dye Laser targets the red color in the cystic lesions, thus depriving them of nutrition and oxygen. After a series of treatments, the cysts can no longer recur. This is much different from the temporary relief of other lasers used. READ MORE


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January 2, 2014


Excellent cosmetic and general dermatologist, warm and friendly office, great selection of lasers and services. I was very pleased with care and doctor's bedside manner and treatment.

December 31, 2013

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professional & friendly reception staff. very clean and well kept office environment with gorgeous view of central park. my visit with Dr. Hellman was not rushed at all and my concerns were addressed.

October 8, 2013

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She's very good at what she does. I've been seeing her for 10 years and I've never had a problem. She takes the time to answer all of my questions, which is hard to find these days!

September 26, 2013


She is the best and my favorite Dr.

September 20, 2013


A true professional. I thoroughly enjoyed my office visit with Dr. Hellman. I highly recommend her.

August 2, 2013


Funny and to the point. Great doctor looking forward to seeing her again.

Less than 6 months ago


Terrific. Personable and professional.

July 16, 2013


Dr. Hellman is exceptional. She is thorough and professional. She explains things to you carefully and gives you all your options. Love her!

July 12, 2013


Dr. Hellman is very friendly and knowledgable. She gave me an effective prescription that cleared up the issue right away. Highly recommended.

Less than a year ago


Very personable. Good advice given. Felt very comfortable with what she recommended.

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