Laser Facial For Wrinkles

Nonsurgical Quick Wrinkle fix/treatment

Depending on their depth and severity, wrinkles can be treated with mild and pleasant therapies such as Glycolic Peels, Microdermabrasion and FotoFacials or with such severe measures as laser resurfacing and face lifts. FotoFacials using the Pulse Dye laser are gentle, painless treatments that help stimulate the skin to produce new, healthy collagen normally found only in young skin. A bonus benefit is that facial blood vessels and redness also disappear with this treatment. In combination with Glycolic Peels and Microdermabrasion, a series of these treatments can turn back the clock on your skin. An individual consultation will let you know the best option for you.

Have you ever looked in the mirror before a big party or other event, not to mention a first date and wished your skin been smooth and free of wrinkles? Now, there is a treatment that can actually preform this magic, with no pain or downtime. Dr. Hellman calls this the “immediate gratification” laser facial. The treatment is performed by a laser and the effect lasts for 2-3 days. The procedure is painless and takes only 10-15 minutes, with no downtime. After the treatment, the skin has a wonderful natural glow and the lines on the skin disappear. The plumping effect wears off after a few days, but with repeated treatments, a lasting improvement can be seen over time. This crowd-pleasing treatment is one of our signature procedures for our high profile patients who wish for a glowing and smooth complexion for that special party, important dinner or TV appearance. Many will not apply foundation after this treatment, as the skin looks so naturally radiant. But those who still wish to apply foundation note the amazing smoothness of the skin, which enhances the effect of the foundation, instead of the often sad accentuating of wrinkles under makeup without this "magic" laser facial.

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