Non-Surgical Under Eye Bag Removal

The under eye area is very quickly effected by and shows aging. The delicate skin under the eye tends to not only wrinkle but also accumulate fat and water in the form of bags under the eyes. This area is very hard to improve without actual lower eyelid (blepharoplasty) surgery, which many patients opt not to do. Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure, which is performed with anesthesia. The treatment removes the under eye fat deposits either from the inside of the eyelids, or, by cutting the skin from the outside, sucking out the fat and placing sutures to reattach the skin. In either way, there is bruising and swelling lasting up to 2 weeks and surgical risks that accompany the procedures. One of the most common ones is ectropion, where too much skin and fat taken out of the lower lid can pull down the lid and the patient can’t close their eyes. This can lead to a whole slew of complications, including dry eyes.

Luckily, an effective treatment can be done with the Fractora, which is a gentle and safe way to get the bags to improve. The treatment delivers heat, which tightens the delicate and thin skin without any downtime. A series of treatments can provide a serious improvement in the aged look of the sagging baggy skin.

Topical treatments can be used to improve some of the bags under the eyes. Our own Dark Circle Eye cream contains caffeine, which mobilizes fluids under the skin and as such, helps with the appearance of the bags. Minimizing salt intake and elevating the head of the bed to help fluid return to the heart can also be helpful.

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QuestionI heard that fillers could be injected under the eye, even with “cannulas”, to help this area. Is this true?


Fillers can indeed be injected in the under eye area, same as all areas of the skin on the face. However, there is definitely a risk of lumpiness and even bruising, even with the use of cannulas. Additionally, this is not a treatment to eliminate the bags. The bags stay in place without any improvement. The treatment simply aims to fill the skin around the bags to so that they are less visible. This is not an ideal solution for anyone who wants to see those bags minimized rather than just make use of an optical illusion as the solution. The fillers get broken down by the skin over time and have to be repeated regularly.

QuestionAre under the eye bags hereditary? And can they be treated topically?


Yes and no. Eventually, all people develop some degree of under eye bags as they age. For some, with an inherited tendency, prominent under eye muscles can be seen at a very early age. These are not bags in the sense of fat and water storage under the skin, rather the visual manifestations of a hypertrophied muscle, similar to an overworked bicep on the arms. The muscle cannot be effectively treated without surgery and as such is best addressed by a plastic surgeon who specializes in the procedure.

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