Scars can be raised, at times becoming an outright keloid (overgrown scar), or, depressed. They can be red, white or brownish. Acne scars can be flesh colored once they age.

Treatment of raised scars can be started by cortisone injections, which helps flatten them out over time. Combined with massaging and some over the counter remedies, they may respond enough to satisfy the aesthetic needs of a patient.

If more elaborate treatment is needed, the red color can be faded by using the Pulse Dye laser (PDL), at times combined with the Fotofacial laser, which works for both red and brown discoloration. Raised as well as depressed scars, and even stretch marks can be improved by using the Affirm Multiplex laser.

Acne scars can be significantly reduced with the new Fractora acne scars RF treatment, which works on depressed acne scars by heating deep skin layer and encouraging the production of collagen in order to fill the scar with your own skin tissue.

“Great office, great location, friendly and professional staff. I have been a patient for years and I’ve always been pleased with the results. Dr. Hellman is experienced, friendly and approachable. If you are looking for laser hair removal, this is the place to go. In addition, I had a thyroidectomy, which left me with a horrible scar and Dr. Hellman was the first person I thought of when I decided to do something about it. After a few visits, the scar had lost its raised appearance and much of the discoloration. I highly recommend Dr. Hellman. Give her a chance, you won’t regret it! -Dianna G.”

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