Dr. Edward Jacobson

Dr. Edward Jacobson is a board certified gynecologist who has practiced hormone replacement therapy for more than 30 years. Dr. Jacobson is based in Greenwich, Connecticut, and periodically consults with patients in Manhattan, Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, California. He is certified in hormone replacement and human growth hormone therapy by Worldlink Medical and is a member of the Bioidentical Hormone Society, the Bioidentical Hormone Initiative, the International Hormone Society and Forever Health (https://network.foreverhealth.com/bioidentical-hormone-doctors/Edward-Jacobson-MD).

Dr. Jacobson’s practice is highly individualized and no two patients have the same needs or treatment plan.

Prospective patients are scheduled for a two-part consultation. The initial meeting discusses your symptoms, goals and expectations. Your medical, family, and sexual history are reviewed along with your dietary history, exercise routine, and your means of coping with stress. Comprehensive laboratory testing is undertaken. The follow-up consultation will review your test results, how medications are taken and monitored, and how side effects are avoided. Your detailed treatment plan, designed to meet your specific needs, is continuously monitored. Optimization of your hormone levels is the key to success. To assure safety and efficacy, your therapy will be based upon the principles of evidence-based medicine published in reputable medical journals. Details of the program can be found on our dedicated website for hormone replacement therapy at www.greenwichbioidenticalhormones.com

Dr. Jacobson also specializes in vaginal restoration surgery, labia reduction and vaginoplasty using radiofrequency surgery. You can read about his twenty year experience on his website www.cosmeticvaginasurgery.com.