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Acne Patients See the Light with Pulse Dye LaserNEW YORK, Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ — Pills, creams, facials, scrubs – the shopping list for acne patients seems never-ending, not to mention costly. Whether you are 16 or 38, woman or man, no doubt acne is a familiar foe. Yet, while treatment options abound, few target the source of the outbreak as effectively as Pulse Dye Laser.

Manhattan dermatologist Judith Hellman has been successfully using PDL for acne treatment for over three years, with no recurrences or flare-ups. “The PDL selectively destroys the infrastructure of the cysts, by targeting their red color,” says Dr. Hellman. “Since pimples tend to recur in the same locations, lasering them repeatedly allows me to effectively eliminate them.”

“Most of my patients prefer the laser to Accutane, an oral medication with potentially serious side effects,” says Dr. Hellman. “PDL clears up acne without costly Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) in three to four treatments. Not only that, but PDL treatments are harmless, painless and highly effective!”

Dr. Hellman is offering acne treatments with PDL at a promotional rate of $400 per treatment, to make it affordable to students and young professionals. “Best of all,” she points out, “the laser helps everyone: male, female, younger, older. Many women in their forties suffer from pimples resulting from hormonal fluctuations, and from Rosacea, which is similar to acne. The PDL treats all these conditions with success. All my patients, including some celebrities, love the outcome!”

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