Forma RF Skin Tightening

Fractora-firmThis is a unique new painless no-downtime treatment using radiofrequency (RF) to gently tighten and rejuvenate sagging skin. This exciting technology allows for controlling the temperature of the skin during the treatment, so that the optimal settings can be used while maintaining safety at all times. The RF heats the skin to the dermis and below, and induces the skin to make new collagen as a result. This is in addition to the immediate contracting of superficial collagen fibers. As such, the treatment delivers not only the instant improvement, but also long term effects by building healthier, denser, more youthful skin.

The treatment can be performed on the face, to lift a sagging jawline, improve jowls, minimize the nasolabial folds, remove under eye bags, lift sagging upper lids and brows, not to mention working wonders on everyone’s weak spot, the neck! We are living in an age when thankfully, we don’t have to run to put ourselves under the knife. Taking care of the skin with a series of treatments will provide visible rejuvenation, which can be maintained with a minimal number of visits later on. The treatment is so easy, it feels like a warm facial, and some patients even fall asleep while undergoing the Forma RF treatment.

Forma RF Skin Tightening: Before and After Photos: Female, frontal view

Nasolabial fold treated by Dr. Hellman
(single Forma session) on left side of face only

The effect is helpful for both the relatively young patients with very early signs of loose skin, and also for the somewhat older patients, with visible sagging. Considering the very high price of a face lift, not to mention the dangers that go with one, it’s a pleasure to be able to offer a treatment that can restore the tighter skin and youthful looks we all seek.

We offer package discounts, so please inquire at the office when you call.

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Board Certified Dermatologist,
Dr. Hellman performs all treatments herself


Before & After Photos

Forma RF Skin Tightening: Before and After Photos: Female, frontal view

Skin redness and blotchy tone treated with Forma.

Forma RF Skin Tightening: Before and After Photos: Male, frontal view

Acne scars and lesions treated with Forma.

*Results may vary

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