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SculpSure® – Fat Removal in NYC, New York – Big Savings

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  • Reduce stubborn body fat – no surgery, no freezing
  • No surgery, no downtime, 25-minute treatments
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If you are tired of battling stubborn body fat and live in New York, SculpSure may be the ideal solution for you. Also known as WarmSculpting, this revolutionary treatment uses laser energy to destroy fat below the skin’s surface. Unlike liposuction, SculpSure requires no incisions or anesthesia and patients can resume normal activities immediately.

The WarmSculpting treatment was approved by the FDA in 2015 and has quickly become one of the most requested fat reduction treatments in our office. Treatment protocols were developed by Dr. Judith Hellman, a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist who also has experience using other non-surgical fat removal technologies such as BodyFX.

Before and After Photos 12 weeks, 1 Treatment, abdomen (female patient 1, side view)

* Results may vary

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Areas of the Body that Can Be Treated with WarmSculpting NYC

Treatment with SculpSure is delivered via four laser heads that are attached to a configurable contouring frame. The four frames can be positioned in different patterns on the various areas you want to address. This allows WarmSculpting NY to be used almost anywhere on the body. Some of the most popular areas for treatment include:

Before and After Photos 6 weeks, 2 Treatment, abdomen (patient 2, oblique view)

* Results may vary

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Upper arms
  • Lower back

The Difference Between SculpSure and Other Fat Reduction Approaches

Dr. Hellman offers a variety of non-invasive fat reduction treatments and each one has its own unique advantages. What makes SculpSure stand out from the others is the mechanism by which it destroys fat. The device uses diode laser technology to kill fat cells beneath the skin. During a treatment session, laser energy is rapidly transmitted through the skin and into the fatty layer below.

As the fatty layer absorbs the laser energy, fat cells are destroyed. Because the laser specifically targets the fatty layer, the skin, and tissue in the area are not affected during the treatment, making it one of the safest fat reduction treatments available today. As an added benefit, side-effects are minimal and the recovery is very quick. We will be happy to explain by phone or during your complimentary consultation the advantages of SculpSure in NYC over older devices such as Coolsculpting.

Before & After SculpSure Treatment

Before and After Photos 12 weeks, 2 Treatment, Flanks and Abdomen (female patient 3, side view)Before and After Photos 8 weeks, 2 Treatment,flanks abdomen (female patient 4, side view)

* Results may vary

Before and After Photos 12 weeks, 2 Treatment, flanks and abdomen (patient 5, side view)Before and After Photos 12 weeks, 2 Treatments, flanks (male patient 6, frontal view)

* Results may vary

Male body, before and after SculpSure fat removal treatment, front viewMale body, before and after SculpSure fat removal treatment, back view

* Results may vary

Potential Risks and Temporary Side-Effects Associated with SculpSure

WarmSculpting in New York is minimally invasive. The treatment is performed in minutes, so you can go about your day as per usual. However, there are potential risks and temporary side-effects that you should take into consideration before opting for the procedure. These include:

  • Discomfort at the treatment site
  • Redness
  • Tender skin
  • Muscle stiffness
Before and After Photos 12 weeks, 1 Treatment, abdomen (female patient 7, side view)

* Results may vary

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Why Choose Dr. Hellman for SculpSure in NYC?

As a board-certified dermatologist and leading cosmetic expert in NYC, Dr. Hellman is familiar with the most innovative treatments that help her patients destroy fat cells quickly and safely. She is also an active medical researcher and was directly involved in the development of WarmSculpting, which allows her to utilize this technology to its full potential and target hard-to-reach places.

For further information regarding WarmSculpting in NY or any of our procedures, call us today to book a consultation.

WarmSculpting FAQs

What results can I expect after SculpSure?

Most patients start to notice the effects of the treatment within 6 weeks, with full results experienced around 12 weeks. Some of our patients are happy with the results after just one treatment, though many choose to undergo multiple treatments to achieve more dramatic fat reduction or body contouring in the targeted area. If you wish to undergo additional treatments, they can be spaced 6 weeks apart.

Is SculpSure painful?

If you’ve ever undergone a non-invasive procedure, you know that non-invasive is not synonymous with non-painful. SculpSure does involve a degree of discomfort due to the heat that is transmitted by the laser. Some of our patients experience very little discomfort during treatment, while others find it more uncomfortable. The level of discomfort depends on how much fat you have in the area, the number of nerve endings, and your individual pain threshold.

Many patients report cramping or pinching sensations during the treatment, but Dr. Hellman is on hand at all times to make adjustments as necessary to ensure your comfort. If you are more sensitive, we can aim for a lower temperature during your session.

How many sessions are needed?

Patients are typically satisfied with their results after only one session of Sculpsure. NYC dermatologist Dr. Hellman advises patients to wait 3-4 months after their initial session, to allow fat cells to be washed out of their body and see complete results in the area that was targeted. At that point, if you want additional fat reduction, we will evaluate the area and explain what an additional session can achieve.
* Results may vary

What’s the difference between SculpSure and WarmSculpting?

SculpSure and WarmSculpting are two names used to describe the same treatment. While it was previously known only as SculpSure, the maker of this treatment has also started using the name WarmSculpting. This is because the laser used during the procedure generates heat in order to kill the layer of fat in difficult-to-reach places. To learn more about getting WarmSculpting in New York, contact Dr. Hellman’s office today.

Is SculpSure permanent?

Sculpsure is regarded as a permanent type of fat reduction approach. After the treatment, fat cells that have been destroyed are naturally eliminated from our bodies. It is important to note that you can still gain weight and see those fat deposits return, so it’s important to also pay attention to lifestyle factors and return for an additional session when necessary.

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Written by Dr. Hellman on 2/5/2020

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