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Affirm Multiplex – Facial Laser (female model)

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Affirm Multiplex – Facial Laser in NYC

Dr. Judith Hellman, a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist and clinical researcher for new device technologies, strives to provide cutting-edge treatments to her patients. She developed this NYC facial laser to help women and men achieve smoother, tighter, more youthful skin. If you are interested in a consultation, get in touch with our office and book an appointment or a consultation today.

Similar to other soft tissues, the skin is composed mostly of collagen. This type of protein gives our skin its elastic, plump, and youthful appearance. Affirm Multiplex is a fractional laser treatment that promotes the growth of collagen, which helps smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles and other signs of aging.

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Benefits of Our Facial Laser

Affirm Multiplex is a device that uses fractional resurfacing to improve the appearance of the skin. Through this device, Dr. Hellman can help her New York patients look better in a short period of time – think of it as a facial enhanced with a cosmetic laser session. Dr. Hellman’s facial laser is ideal for patients who are preparing for a big event such as a wedding or family reunion.

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve the appearance of sagging skin
  • Achieve smooth and glowing skin quickly
  • Lower cost than similar treatments
  • No pain or discomfort
  • No downtime

Facial Laser vs. Clear + Brilliant

The NYC Facial Laser is a great choice that can help improve the appearance of sagging skin. This treatment is often compared to Clear + Brilliant, a device that also uses lasers to promote better skin texture.

Clear + Brilliant is a laser device that promotes the development of new, healthy skin cells. While this device may be used on its own, many physicians follow up the procedure with the application of a moisturizing mask that extends treatment time.

Affirm Multiplex is a pain-free fractional laser treatment that addresses the exterior as well as the internal layers of the skin. Dr. Hellman performs the procedure in less time than Clear + Brilliant and other similar treatments. Moreover, Affirm Multiplex is more affordable, comfortable, and produces visible effects quickly, so it can help prepare you for an upcoming social or professional event.

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Before & After Photos

Affirm Multiplex - Before and After Treatment Photos: Female (frontal view)
Affirm Multiplex - Before and After Treatment Photos: Woman (oblique view)

*Results may vary

Risks Associated with Affirm Laser

Affirm Multiplex employs fractional laser resurfacing technology, which is generally regarded as safe. However, there are potential side effects you should keep in mind before the procedure. These include:

  • Minimal chance of infection
  • Redness in the treatment area

Dr. Hellman works closely with each of her patients to ensure that they receive the best results possible. She will perform a full skin examination in order to create a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

Why Choose Dr. Hellman for a Facial Laser in NYC?

Dr. Hellman has more than 20 years of experience in the field and was chosen to conduct clinical trials and participate in the development of innovative new treatments such as Fractora to diminish acne scars. She mostly sees patients who are concerned with aging facial skin and other facial skin conditions and has an array of devices and injectables to address multiple concerns.

All NYC facial laser treatments are personally performed by Dr. Hellman, who will be able to determine upon consultation whether Afiirm Laser will best address your skin conditions. Get in touch with us and book an appointment today.

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How much downtime is needed after treatment?

Unlike the Fraxel laser, which results in significant redness and swelling, the Affirm Multiplex will result in some sunburn-like redness after the treatment. This typically lasts between 24-48 hours, after which the skin returns to its usual appearance. For this reason, this treatment is very popular among patients who are in the public eye, yet are in need of a touch of firming and tightening of the face or the neck.

How many treatments are needed?

Although a series of 3 treatments can be enough for minor skin concerns, anything more substantial such as deeper wrinkles, scars or pronounced sagging will most likely need 6 treatments. Packages for both 3 and 6 treatments are available. Treatments can be spaced about 4-6 weeks apart. After each treatment, the skin will increase collagen production for up to 6 months, thus prolonging the rejuvenation and revitalization of the skin for many patients.

Can the Affirm Multiplex treatment be combined with other treatments?

Yes. For some patients the Affirm Multiplex is all they need; others may benefit from combining the Affirm Multiplex laser with Forma Skin Tightening treatments, Refirme ST treatments, as well as fillers and/or Botox®. Glycolic peels and/or microdermabrasion treatments can also be helpful in facilitating the Affirm Multiplex treatment and may prolong the results. Packages for combined treatments are available upon request.

Is the Affirm Multiplex safe?

Yes, it is one of the safest fractional technologies available. The combination of two wavelengths means that lower energy levels of each are needed to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. It is also significant that, unlike with the Fraxel, no dyes have to be applied to mark the skin prior to treatment. For this reason, the treatment takes less time with the Affirm Multiplex than with Fraxel, which as we know in Manhattan, when it comes to time, every little bit counts!

What type of problems does the Affirm Multiplex treat?

The Affirm Multiplex has many indications. It can help tighten sagging skin on the face, neck and other body areas including the knees, stomach, upper arms and inner thighs. It also helps smooth out superficial wrinkles, reduce the size of pores, and improve both raised scars (keloids) as well as help fill out depressed acne scars. Dr. Hellman often uses the Affirm Multiplex on patients with acne following Pulse Dye Laser treatments to even out the surface of the skin from the scarring that remains from the healed cysts.

Written by Dr. Hellman on 2/24/2020

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