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Dr. Hellman is proud to offer the expertise of a board certified plastic surgeon to help her patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their nose. Robert Morin, MD is a plastic surgeon who obtained additional training on the face and nose during his craniofacial fellowship at Miami Children’s Hospital and South Miami Hospital. Dr. Morin works from a beautiful office on Park Avenue, close to Dr. Hellman’s office. Rhinoplasty is one of his areas of expertise and he has operated on some of the most difficult noses in New York City.

Regardless of whether your concern is a large bump, a bulbous tip, a crooked nose or difficulty breathing, Dr. Morin can help you define your cosmetic goals and create the nose you’ve always wanted. Many of Dr. Morin’s before and after rhinoplasty pictures can be viewed on his website. You can also watch a video testimonial of one of Dr. Morin’s actual patients from her preoperative evaluation to her beautiful result six months following her surgery. On his site you can listen to a new podcast series in which Dr. Morin explains the ins and outs of plastic surgery.

Dr. Morin’s goal is to provide the most beautiful and natural looking result with the smallest amount of downtime as possible. Dr. Morin uses many of the newest rhinoplasty techniques (including ultrasound rhinoplasty) to both correct nasal deformities and create nasal beauty. Most importantly, Dr. Morin is able to correct distracting nasal irregularities in order to allow people to turn their focus on the natural beauty of his patient’s face and eyes.

Appointments with Dr. Morin can be scheduled in NYC by calling (212) 740-7500. Additional information can also be found on his website