Rosacea and Facial Veins

The rosy cheeks and capillaries of rosacea are troublesome to many patients. Common is those who tend to “flush and blush”, they are a result of malfunctioning capillaries in the skin that don’t go back to their normal size after dilating. Often worsened by alcohol, sun exposure, spicy foods, hot drinks, saunas and steam-rooms, rosacea is a nuisance to many patients. While topical treatment can be tried, they do not solve the problem for many patients. In those non-responsive cases, the we typically recommend laser treatment to help even out the skin tone. The PDL is the laser of choice for treating rosacea, since it targets the red color of the blood vessels causing the problem. The Fotofacial laser can also be used, sometimes alternating with the PDL. To read more about this, click here.

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Rosacea and Facial Veins - Before & After Photos - Male, frontal view
Rosacea and Facial Veins - Before & After Photos - Male, oblique view

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