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Alexandrite Lasers

This type of laser gets its name from its use of an alexandrite crystal, which is the source of the laser’s energy. An alexandrite laser generates energy at a very specific wavelength (755 nm) and is classified as a green light laser.

Green light lasers emit high energy infrared light, which is converted to heat energy as it enters the skin. The heat then destroys the target (e.g. hair follicles or tattoo ink) in the treatment area. Because alexandrite lasers are very precise, they leave surrounding tissue untouched. This leads to a rapid recovery as the surrounding healthy tissue supports the healing process. Another feature of alexandrite lasers is that they can be used in Q-switched mode, a technique that causes the laser to produce short pulses of high intensity light.

What can be treated with an alexandrite laser?

The Alexandrite laser can treat a wide variety of skin concerns. Dr. Hellman uses the Alexandrite laser to treat skincare concerns like hair removal, tattoo removal and freckles. In most cases, patients can resume normal activities immediately. Depending on the extent of treatment, there may be some redness, swelling, and itchiness in the days following treatment.

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Hair Removal Short pulses of light target hair follicles, which causes the hair to fall out and slows further growth. This type of laser is best suited for patients with light skin and dark hair.
Tattoo Removal Effectively removes black, blue, and green pigmented tattoos without damaging the surrounding area.
Pigmentation Age spots, freckles, and brown birthmarks can be treated with the alexandrite laser. Light pulses target melanin within the skin to eliminate brown-pigmented lesions.

What to Expect

Most skin concerns treated with the Alexandrite laser will require multiple treatment sessions. Often, less than 3 sessions are required to completely eliminate vascular lesions. Larger areas need more sessions. With each session, you may notice an improvement in the condition being treated, but will not experience the full results until a few days after the final treatment session.

Please contact our Central Park South (NYC) office to schedule a consultation. Dr. Hellman will examine your skin and recommend alexandrite laser or other treatment options to improve your skin condition.

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