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Laser Hair Removal

After approximately four treatments, the skin will be smoother. Any body area can be typically treated, although some individuals may be more sensitive than others. Each treatment will be adapted to the needs and tolerances of the patient. Men especially enjoy getting rid of the hair growing on their ears, back, and other areas. Women often request the treatment under the arms and on the legs and bikini area. To ensure the absolutely best results, Dr. Hellman performs all treatments herself.

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“Great office, great location, friendly and professional staff. I have been a patient for years and I’ve always been pleased with the results. Dr. Hellman is experienced, friendly and approachable. If you are looking for laser hair removal, this is the place to go. In addition, I had a thyroidectomy, which left me with a horrible scar and Dr. Hellman was the first person I thought of when I decided to do something about it. After a few visits, the scar had lost its raised appearance and much of the discoloration. I highly recommend Dr. Hellman. Give her a chance, you won’t regret it! -Dianna G.” *Results may vary

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At our office, Only Board Certified Dermatologists See Patients & Perform Treatments

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Before & After Photos

Laser Hair Removal: Before and After Photos - patient (tummy)
Laser Hair Removal: Before and After Photos - Male patient (face)

*Results may vary

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Written by Dr. Hellman on 2/5/2020

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Dr. Judith Hellman is a board-certified dermatologist and an associate professor at Mt. Sinai Medical Center. Her passion for people shines through when consulting on a diverse range of medical skin conditions and how these may affect health, aesthetics, and self-esteem. Dr. Hellman has lectured globally and has authored many journal articles. Her fluency in English, Hungarian, and Hebrew helps enhance multilingual communication for many dermatology patients in NYC.

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