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Due to my expertise as a specialist in acne treatment and acne laser therapies I was chosen by Silk'n to conduct a clinical study to determine the efficacy of the Silk'n Blue Light acne home therapy device. Based on my findings and the feedback from the patients in my survey group I can confirm that Silk'n Blue is an excellent and effective treatment option for patients with inflammatory acne, suffering from pimples and even cysts. The average decrease in the number of acne lesions at one month was 35-40%, with some patients achieving 50-60-% improvement. Even I, a born skeptic, was amazed by the results.

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FDA approved, Silk'n Blue is a hand held, state of the art, safe and effective acne device. Similar to a professional laser, Silk'n Blue's utilizes a combination of heat and blue light to kill bacteria and diminish acne lesions on the skin. It is most effective for red pimples and cysts, and red acne scars.

Silk'n Blue is safe, convenient, and easy to use and has no ill side effects. I recommend it for all skin types and for all ages, from teenagers to those in their forties and more, fighting adult acne and rosacea.

I advocate using it as a stand alone treatment for mild acne, and/or in conjunction with oral or topical acne treatments. It is also a superior device to maintain and improve the skin between in-office acne laser procedures.

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Judith Hellman

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Dr. Judith Hellman is a board-certified dermatologist and an associate professor at Mt. Sinai Medical Center. Her passion for people shines through when consulting on a diverse range of medical skin conditions and how these may affect health, aesthetics, and self-esteem. Dr. Hellman has lectured globally and has authored many journal articles. Her fluency in English, Hungarian, and Hebrew helps enhance multilingual communication for many dermatology patients in NYC.

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