Stretch Marks

A stretch mark is a type of skin scarring that can occur almost anywhere on the body. In men, stretch marks are most often seen on the abdomen, lower back, and arms. Stretch marks on women are commonly found on the breasts, abdomen, buttocks, hips, and thighs. Adolescence and pregnancy are two periods of the life associated with the formation of stretch marks.

When stretch marks first appear, they are dark in color and very noticeable. While stretch marks will often improve in appearance over time, some will never disappear completely. Fortunately, the new Forma technology allows Dr. Hellman to significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks without pain or downtime.

How stretch marks form?

Stretch marks form when the dermis, the middle layer of the skin, is stretched so quickly that elasticity breaks down and microscopic bleeding occurs, causing the reddish-purple color associated with stretch marks. As the dermis begins to heal, scar tissue forms. Eventually, stretch marks fade to a silvery white color that is usually a few shades lighter than the surrounding skin.

What individuals are most likely to develop stretch marks?

Anyone can develop stretch marks, but the tendency to develop them appears to be hereditary. While at least 75% of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy, some women won’t get any. If your mother had stretch marks, it is likely that you will develop them as well. In addition, anyone who gains weight or looses weight rapidly, will be susceptible to the formation of stretch marks.

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QuestionHow can I remove stretch marks?

AnswerDr. Hellman performs all stretch mark treatments herself with Forma Plus at her Midtown NYC office. This latest technology, which Khloe Kardashian is said to have used on her buttocks and thighs, is an excellent option for patients who want to minimize the appearance of stretch marks. Forma Plus is particularly effective on more recently formed stretch marks that are reddish-purple in color, but it can also be used to treat older stretch marks. Using radiofrequency waves, the skin is heated while keeping temperature controls to prevent discomfort.

QuestionHow effective is the Forma Plus treatment?

AnswerIn Dr. Hellman’s experience, this laser is very effective treatment for stretch marks for most of her patients. Clinical results from studies show that most patients benefit from improved skin texture and you may even observe tighter skin, which is one of the device’s features.

QuestionWill it help your stretch marks?

AnswerDr. Hellman needs to examine your stretch marks and see if Forma is right for you. Please call our office (212) 751-0577 to set a date for a consultation with Dr. Hellman at her NYC private practice.

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