Large Pores Treatment

Patients often express concern over large pores on their noses, forehead and cheeks. The pores often get clogged and visible blackheads form and need to be constantly removed.

Upon consultation, Dr. Hellman will evaluate your skin condition and suggest one or more of the following treatment options, that are listed below in order of potency (and downtime):

  • Glycolic Peel – gentle treatment with natural ingredients. Can cleanse pores but will not solve the underlying condition.
  • Fractora RF – new technology that allows Dr. Hellman to target superficial and possibly deeper skin layers to minimize pores, based on each patient’s condition. Treatments vary in energy levels and are calibrated to match the patient’s need. The downtime can be 0-5 days, depending on the strength of the treatment and the individual patient.
  • UltraPulse Laser Peel – ablative laser that peels away the outer skin layers in order to encourage the body to produce new, better looking skin with fewer visible pores. Treatment can be divided to a few sessions, each resulting in 3-5 days of downtime.

These treatments can also improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and in some cases even skin tone and remove blemishes. Call (212) 751-0577 schedule a consultation with Dr. Hellman to find the best treatment to remove/minimize your large pores.

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