CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is a popular aesthetic treatment that can leave your skin looking younger and healthier. Considered a more substantial treatment than RF (Radio frequency) and non-ablative laser devices, CO2 Laser resurfacing is a highly effective treatment that can significantly reduce the signs of aging and improve skin tone and texture. There are multiple ablative lasers in the market, and our Lumenis Ultrapulse laser is considered the most powerful CO2 laser in aesthetic medicine. It can penetrate deeper and encourage new collagen build up at all skin layers.

Dr. Hellman is a board certified dermatologist that specializes in medical dermatology, laser surgery and anti-aging skin treatments. With a boutique office located in the center of New York City, Dr. Hellman provides customized assessments and treatments to local patients, tourists and visitors from other states and countries who seek her expertise. In keeping with her philosophy of providing patients with the best procedures in anti-aging and skin rejuvenation, she is pleased to offer the Ultrapulse CO2 Laser Resurfacing treatment.

How can Ultrapulse Laser Improve Your Skin?

Ultrapulse can be used to reduce facial lines and signs of aging. It can also be used to treat other skin issues such as thick and difficult lesions. Ultrapulse’s fast and precise skin resurfacing and sub dermal tissue coagulation technology is the solution for patients looking for the best skin improvement results available from a laser treatment. In addition, Ultrapulse can treat a variety of skin conditions with one device. For instance it has a slow, sub-ablative fluence for treating dyschromia (alteration in the color of skin and/or nails), while also having the ability to effectively reduce wrinkles, active scars and other lesions.

How Does It Work?

The general concept of how laser resurfacing works is that it eliminates the damaged external layers of skin, while stimulating collagen production. This promotes cell re-growth in the underlying layers of the skin. This non-surgical process can leave your skin looking and feeling smoother, younger, and rejuvenated. Ultrapulse works with the combined effect of ablation and coagulation, in full or fractional delivery, to remove problematic skin while stimulating the body to replace it with younger, healthier skin. Ultrapulse’s advanced CO2 laser produces light at a 10,600nm wavelength. This energy is absorbed by water naturally present in skin tissue. The laser is able to heat up the water to the point where it causes the targeted tissue to evaporate. This causes tissue coagulation in the skin areas adjacent to the ablated area, in addition to thermal stimulation of deep layers of the skin. This process in turn stimulates the production of new collagen, which helps the skin have a smoother, fresher, more youthful appearance. Furthermore, Dr. Hellman has the ability to target larger areas of the skin or just a fraction, which is referred to as fractional ablation technique. In this treatment process the areas in between target spots are left untreated.

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Before & After Photos

CO2  Laser - Before and After Treatment Photos: Female patient (left side, oblique view)
CO2 Laser - Before and After Treatment Photos: Female patient (right side, oblique view)

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Benefits of UltraPulse Laser Resurfacing

Due to its unique technology of fractional or non-fractional coagulation and ablation, Ultrapulse can treat multiple problems, such as wrinkles, skin damaged by the sun, and even acne scars in different areas of the body. Unlike gentle lasers and RF technologies, your skin will be red for a few days and Dr. Hellman recommends that you stay at home and don’t go to work or outside. At the same time, results can be compared to facial plastic surgery procedures that require more downtime.

Why Choose Hellman Dermatology in New York

Dr. Hellman’s priority, along with her entire medical team, is to provide patients with the best in dermatology and skin care. Dr. Hellman sees many patients with cosmetic concerns and over the years she has developed a sophisticated array of treatments and services that make her patients look beautiful, refreshed and natural. At your consultation, she will recommend a treatment plan that may include Ultrapulse if appropriate for you. Call (212) 751-0577 to make an appointment today.

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