Brown Spots & Melasma

Brown spots can be of different types. Some are freckles and other “sunspots”. Some look like dark stains on the skin, and come from hormonal stimulation (melasma). Others are a result of trauma to the skin, resulting in post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, aka dark discoloration in acne prone areas, scars, etc.

Fading regimens using high percentages of hydroquinone combined with Glycolic Acid creams (available on our product page) and additional prescription items, are the first step for many of these types of spots. Glycolic peels and microdermabrasions are the first stage of treatment, along with careful sun protection.

For many patients, lasers such as the Alexandrite laser as well as the Fotofacial RF laser can effectively remove or fade brown spots. Laser peels with the UltraPulse Laser can produce a dramatic improvement in skin tone. Since each patient is different, treatment is tailored to the needs of each person depending on their skin color and the type of spots they have.

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Brown Spots & Melasma: : Brown Spots - Female (hands)
Brown Spots & Melasma: Brown Spots - Female (oblique view)

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