Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement with temporary dermal fillers is a very popular treatment for the young and beautiful, who often use the cosmetic technique to achieve that much admired look of full, sensual “Angelina Jolie” lips. The most commonly used material is Restylane, made of hyalouronic acid, which is a natural sugar-like component of our skin. Restylane® & Perlane® are injected into and around the lip to enhance and create the desired fullness. This is a great way to jazz up your looks for that big event or blind date tonight! This treatment can also enhance the appearance of our more mature patients, who are experiencing age-related thinning of the lips. Lip enhancement (and we are not talking about over-enhancement!) can help restore fuller lips, resulting in a more youthful overall impression. We recommend the use of an anesthetic cream to make the treatment more pleasant, and dental blocks can also be provided for those who are truly faint of heart. Try it, you may be amazed by the result!

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Lip Enhancement: Before and After Treatment Photos - Male (frontal view)
Lip Enhancement: Before and After Treatment Photos - Female (frontal view)

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